We specialize in the purchase, processing and sale of scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in St. Petersburg and Cherepovets.

The average annual volume of scrap

38 245


We have achieved such volumes thanks to:


Years to the metallurgy markets


Transactions with customers legal entities


Contracts for the provision of services with organizations

Our sites
Ustyuzhenskaya St., 40 "Metal base"
The company owns several equipped sites with everything necessary for scrap processing equipment.
Highly qualified employees who carry out honest and transparent acceptance!
Individual approach to large suppliers!
We carry out pickup!
1 Honest scales
2 Money right away
3 Help movers
4 We will take it out ourselves
VtorResurs is a scrap processing company founded in 2015 in Cherepovets. We are known not only in Russia but also abroad, as we are engaged in the export of ferrous metals to European countries to the leading metal processing companies and factories. We believe that natural resources are one of the main components of national wealth, and a rational attitude towards them is the most important task of modern society.